• Response to Intervention (RtI)

    Another foundation of teaching practice is called "Response to Intervention" (RtI). This is a framework that works to scientifically match individual students to the teaching practices that are effective for them (instead of trying to match teaching practices to disability labels, which has not proven to be successful).

    Teachers using RtI will use screening methods to assess your child's skills and behaviors. If teachers determine that your child needs more support than the traditional instruction provided in a general education classroom, referred to as Tier 1 in RtI, they will implement and monitor Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. Tier 2 interventions may include small group instruction or additional instructional time. Tier 3 interventions are more intensive and may employ materials or programs to target your child's needs. Finally, the teacher will monitor your child's progress to determine if the intervention is working and if not, how it might need to be adjusted to better support your child.

    All New York State school districts must have a RtI process in place.


    To learn more about Response to Intervention and view a simplified, parent-friendly overview of RtI, please visit: