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    Dear World of Inquiry School Families,


    It is with great sadness that I write to you today about a tragedy. One of our students, Jordan Coleman, passed away as the result of a tragedy that is devastating our community.

    The District’s Student Support Services trauma and our school grief team is working together to support our students, families, and staff at this difficult time and will be available to those who need support. We will try to maintain as normal a routine and structure as the situation allows and encourage you to do the same. School support staff will continue to be available to speak with students, families, and staff individually about the loss of their friend and student.

    In the days and weeks ahead, your children may have questions. They will need your support at home and our continued support here at school as they work through their feelings and grief. Although we cannot predict how any child may react, we all can be sensitive and aware of the common reactions experienced by grieving adolescents.  Every day during lunch there are counselors available.  Students have been given the links in their googleclassroom. 

    All this week we will offer crisis team supports and crew plans will allow Secondary students acknowledge emotions associated with his loss and opportunities to reminsce about Jordan. We will all miss him dearly and have many positive memories of his time at WOIS. 

    Funeral arrangements scheduled for April 8th, 2021 at the Faith Temple on 141 Arnett Blivd at 10-12 (wake) 12-2 (funeral). The family encourages all to wear black. Our community is also beginning to plan ways to celebrate Jorndan's life and will communicate that information via our PTC Facebook page and this website. 

    Updated information will continue to be posted on this website. 

    If you feel your children or family are having difficulty and may benefit from additional support, please contact our school at 325- 6170.  There will be additional grief resources we will add to our website. We will do everything we can to support you and your children.There is no greater tragedy than the loss of a child, and I know that you will join us in our concern, support, and sympathy for those involved in this tragic incident. 


    Grief Resources:

     The Consortium on Trauma, Illness, and Grief in Schools  contains various resource for schools dealing with issues of grief and loss. It includes information on Brochure: What is Grief, Grief in students, My Grief Rights, Grief & Loss: What can I do? What can I say?, Grief & Loss: 12 Ways to Help and many more useful resources. We know this will be a tough road ahead and we are working with family and close supports to design an opportunity for our community to continue to celebrate the life of Jordan Coleman. We will carve time on Wednesday to regroup as a crew to support each other. The link will be offered tomorrow.  Some have asked about attending services on Thursday, we ask that you connect with either Jennifer Johnson or me to discuss options.




    T’Hani Pantoja



    Administrative Team Email:

    T’Hani Pantoja, Principal

    Paul Lampe, Academy Director

    Adrienne Steflik, Assistant Principal

    Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Principal 

    Donna Enright, Athletic Director

    Jessica Flanders, Administrative Community Site Coordinator


    EL Education