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     SENIOR CLASS TOWN HALL SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 11, 2020 at 5:00 pm. Click here for zoom Meeting. The meeting ID and password are here if necessary Meeting ID: 935 3919 8921
    Password: 921977


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    June Newsletter  -COVID 19- Updated as of 6/9/2020

    WOIS Crew,

    I know your hearts are hurting and healing from the injustices that have taken place these past few weeks. We heard your voices and stood alongside you. Who would have ever imagined that our theme, Leaders Among Us, would be so perfect for inspiring us through our journey this year? As members of the WOIS crew, we have rallied together to discover and reflect on this concept of being a LEADER. Recalling from our school calendar the attributes associated with LEADER qualities - Learner, Educator, Advocate, Deepen, Empower, Resilient, and Support. We have all joined together as a community to embrace these concepts in so many ways.

    • We became real Learners together as we found new ways of connecting while social distancing,
    • We utilized parents as Educators  to support our distance learning plans,
    • We joined forces to Advocate for the things we knew our community must have to continue to thrive, especially about human rights and equity,
    • We Deepen(ed) our understanding of technology and expanded our knowledge of innovative ways to engage students,
    • We Empowered our students to stand up for what is right and to make a difference in our community,
    • We have struggled through uncertainty and had successes and failures in our processes, yet throughout the experience, we have been Resilient
    • And most importantly we offered Supports to one other throughout our ourney.

    We Are CREW! We Were LEADERS

    As we begin to plan our calendar this upcoming year we will hone in on the spirit of crew, to demonstrate as leaders in the city of Rochester we will continue to exemplify the Griffin Values and standing by our Design Principals to continue to face unanticipated challenges, reflect on setbacks, and recover from difficult conditions.

    We know this has been a difficult time for our seniors and their families. We have thought long and hard about how to honor your children’s time at World of Inquiry School, all while staying in compliance with the directives of our state. Thank you for supporting our Graduation Planning Crew; they have worked hard to ensure a safe and memorable event for our seniors.

    Many families have already received items from teachers or worked with our operational crew to pick up their belongings and emptied lockers. If you have not already done so, please come anytime between 9-2 pm this week. Lockers will not be available beginning Monday, June 8th. I cannot thank our incredible school community for working collectively to support one another through this


    In Solidarity,

    T’Hani Pantoja



    As alway, please feel free to reach out to myself or any member of the administrative team for support, feedback, and suggestions as we navigate these unique circumstances together. 

     T’Hani Pantoja, Principal

     Jeff Mikols, Assistant Principal

     Adrienne Steflik, Assistant Principal 7-8

     Kwame Donko Hanson, Assistant Principal 9-10

     Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Principal 11-12

     Donna Enright, Athletic Director


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