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NRCS School Hours

2016-2017 School Year
Arrive ~ 9:00 a.m.
Dismissed ~ 4:30 p.m.
Welcome to the
Nathaniel Rochester Community STEM School Webpage 
~Education is an adventure in self-discovery~  

Science Technology Engineering Math

STEM education is the integration of 4 disciplines- science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Its purpose is to enable students to guide their own learning while solving real-world problems using 21st century learning skills. Students are able to use prior knowledge from the 4 disciplines to construct deeper and new information while developing a solution to the problem. 
STEM education is innovative, where the end result/answer has multiple right solutions, each one unique to the individual learner. 
STEM Education encompasses and integrates all discipline areas. At times certain disciplines such as E.L.A., Social Studies and the Arts may not seem present, however when you look at what students are doing, it will become evident that practices or skills of each discipline are being applied.
Future City Team in Finals at City Hall
 FC1       FC2

The NRCS Future City Team placed in the top 4 of the first RCSD Future City Competition. The top four teams (NRCS #3, #9, #34 and #46) travel to City Hall at the end of February, to present their Future City Models to the Mayor and City leaders. One team will win the 2016-2017 RCSD Future City Championship.


 STEM through the 2017 Winter STEM Expo Experience

 STEM ex3

On Wednesday January 25th, 2017, students from Nathaniel Rochester Community School celebrated their knowledge and understanding of STEM through the Winter STEM Expo. Student presenters shared their learning experiences with student and adult visitors throughout the afternoon. 

One Cubic Foot Project
cf1       cf2


Students in the NRCS 7th grade Honors Science Class participated in the One Cubic Foot Project with the Seneca Park Zoological Society. NRCS is one of five schools along the Genesee River that are taking part in this national research project. One Cubic Foot is a study of the basin of the Genesee River to assess and spotlight the health of the Genesee River as well as provide a portrait of the biodiversity in its ecosystem.
7th Grade Career Research Project



7th Grade students at Nathaniel Rochester Community School take part in the 7th grade Career Research Project.  
7th Graders take, A Long Walk to Water
 lw1   lw2   lw   lw4

This two-hour, two -part program, designed specifically for 7th grade students is based on the book A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park. Students in this engaging experience use both the Seneca Park Zoo and Seneca Park to participate in a facilitated scientific field study and a self-guided Zoo Exploration which bring alive concepts related to both the story and the disciplines of Science, Social Studies and ELA together, naturally.

Nathaniel Rochester Community School Teachers Recognized for their
STEM Approach to Classroom Instruction

NRCS Staff were recognized by the Finger Lakes STEM Hub for their innovative STEM work in their school and classrooms.  

Mr. Peter Mastrogiovanni, Mrs. Vici Patanella and Mrs. Tina Rodger ~

~ NRCS STEM Team ~ 
Creation of the NRCS Monthly STEM Challenge Program
Implementation of STEM at the School Level

~ Ms. Jessica Perez ~

STEM Implementation in the Third Grade Classroom

 ~ Mrs. Hannah Valle ~

STEM Implementation in the Kindergarten Classroom