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    Math 8 
    Room book  D320
     First week of March - Please make sure that all the work is handed in as the fourth marking period is ending.
    Looking forward to the fifth marking period  and the stock market project  :)
     March is almost here and we are getting closer to spring (^_^)
    Complete and submit the winter break Math Packet.. Use the link below to print out the review packet
    winter break   review packet Math
    Second week of February
    Please make sure that all the assignments are submitted so you can be invited to the cluster 8B Pizza Party (^_^)
    An extra credit packet will be available to students to complete during the winter break!

    Happy Birthday to:Happy birthday
    1 - Jamie P
    3 -  Cierra N
    5 -  De Andre J
    7 -  Nutsa U
    9 -  Sydney R
    10- Mrs.Paco
    12 - Shania R
    17 - Alicia S
    24 - Alicia W
    New this week-  January 22nd, 2013
    All  8th graders will take the Mid-Term on Thursday and Friday. Please try to be present throughout the week.

    Mrs.Paco will be available after school Tuesday and Wednesday for  extra support in Math.
    There will be no lunch tutoring this week:( The third Marking Period ends on January 25th.
    Mr. Kehoe's and Mrs.Paco's students put together a stained Glass window that was part of our EXPO. Below is the digital image of the design :)

    Stained Glass Window


       Happy New Year 2013 ! 

    All my students need to learn the lyrics of Rise up Run out

     Use this link to listen to our  song

    This Christmas Paolo  turned 15 :)

     Paolo turned 15

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

     The following supplies are required for Math 8
    School Supplies for Math Class: (these supplies will stay in the classroom throughout the year)
    • 1 or 2 inches Three Ring Binder with side pockets
    • 1 Composition notebook
    • A scientific calculator  (TI 30xs  is recommended)
    • #2 pencils (In Math we will be using only pencils)
    • A box of Kleenex (optional )
    All the students need to complete and return to school the folling documents