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    Math Websites for Middle School
    ath websites for middle school students – the Internet has lots of them, available for kids who want to strengthen their math skills. Sometimes seeing math concepts presented outside a classroom setting allows students to discover that math doesn’t exist simply to make children take tests and do homework. Math actually has uses in the real world. It can even be fun! Let the kids judge for themselves - have them check out a few of my favorite math websites and see what they think.

    These math websites for middle school students are all free, enjoyable, and offer plenty of fun math games and educational content.


    Online since 1997, Coolmath.com was created for a wide range of students – kids who love math, kids who hate math, and everyone in-between. The site contains a ton of educational content, everything from simple fractions to the quadratic equation. Kids won’t be intimidated by the amount of learning offered, because they’re immediately put at ease by the colorful carnival look of the site. The sense of fun continues into the actual lessons, which are explained in a simple, friendly style. In addition to math instruction, Coolmath.com also has math puzzles, games, and a math dictionary.

    The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

    NLVM is a website that offers math lessons which let students engage in interactive learning activities and online puzzles.  The site features strong educational content developed by math educators, mathematicians, and experts in instructional design. Along with math activities for middle school students, there are lessons for various ages from kindergarten to high school.

    Middle School Problem of the Week

    Yes, they’re out there - young math fans who enjoy logic puzzles and math problems. This site was created for them. Much of the material is taken from The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics journals, so it’s the real deal. Take a different challenge each week. You can check your answers with the videos on the site. The videos also explain how to arrive at the answer. If you want to take more than one challenge a week, the site contains links to previous problems.

    Visual Fractions

    Created in 1999 by a middle school math teacher of nearly 30 years, this award winning online tutorial teaches fractions by presenting them visually. Fractions are shown as parts of a circle or as number lines. The site offers interactive quizzes, downloadable worksheets, games, and a “fraction maker” page which allows users to design their own fractions. After taking the quizzes, users receive useful feedback as to whether their answers were correct.

    Hooda Math