Ever Changing Learning Standards

    Our work is aligned with the New York State Professional Development Standards and those of Learning Forward, formerly known as the National Staff Development Council. This alignment assures that we stay current with the latest research on professional learning and work collaboratively with leaders in the profession to improve our service.  Explore the links below to learn about the Standards for Professional Learning as outlined by New York State and Learning Forward: 
    Theory of Change

    Developing a Theory of Change

    Improving/changing educational practice requires a common understanding of the desired results and a well-designed and articulated process, almost a roadmap, of what will be done to reach the desired results. “A program’s theory of change specifies the goals, the inputs, the resources required to implement the activities, and the activities – a series of actions that are likely to lead to the attainment of both the short-term outcomes and the long-term goals (the results).” Killion, J. (2002). Assessing Impact, Evaluating Staff Development. The activities described in the theory of change must be grounded in what research has shown are the most effective adult learning strategies. The theory of change shows the big picture of how different inputs and activities relate to each other and build on each other, leading to the intermediate changes in educational knowledge, skills and practice needed to reach the desired outcome of improved student learning.


     Theory of Practice

    The following theory of practice links the required elements of the Regents Reform Agenda to our underlying theory for improving student learning outcomes.

                                Theory of practice  

     Leading Instructional Change  

    “Professional Learning is not the hood ornament, it is the engine that drives school improvement.”


    Desiring to perform at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency:

    Our alignment to the standards is measured through Pre and Post Data collected using the Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2),  The SAI2 is intended to: Provide information to the Office of Professional Learning about teachers’ perceptions of professional learning; Reveal the degree of success or challenges RCSD faces with professional learning practices and implementation; and Provide decision-makers with data on the quality of professional learning as defined by the Standards for Professional Learning, a system’s alignment of professional learning to the standards, and the relationship of the standards to improve in educator effectiveness and student achievement.