• The Professional Development Incentive is an initiative of the Office for Professional Learning. 
    Intern Level teachers/1st-year teachers are not eligible to participate in the district’s PD incentive.
    Professional level (tenured) teachers that complete 36 hours of endorsed professional learning tied to either their school's School Improvement Plan (SIP) or Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) will receive $1,200 stipend.  Resident (probationary) are eligible to receive an $800 stipend for completing 24 hours of endorsed professional development.

    The steps for completing the incentive:
    1.  Determine your professional learning goals in consultation with your administrator. 
    2.  Enter your goals into the ePerformance system.
    3.  Continuously revisit your goals and reflect on your professional practice.
    4.  Share professional transcript with your administrator.  
    School-Based Approved Summer Hours for the Professional Development Incentive
    Tenured teachers may obtain up to twenty-two (22) of the thirty-six (36) professional development hours and probationary teachers (in their 2nd and 3rd year) may obtain up to eighteen (18) of the twenty-four (24).  Professional development hours approved by their School-Based Planning Team.  As a reminder, first year teachers are not eligible for PDI unless they are in Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) schools.
    District  Approved Summer Hours for the Professional Development Incentive
    Thirty-six (36) hours of District approved summer professional development hours are allowable.  It is the expectation that summer professional learning will be used to enhance instruction and student performance during the 2014-2015 academic school year. The classes taken must be congruent with the teacher’s submitted goals for the 2014-2015 academic school year.
    Questions and Answers 

    Please be advised that effective 9/1/2014 Element K classes are no longer available to District employees.  Element K was acquired by Skillsoft.  These classes are no longer available for PD credit.



    For assistance with the goal setting process please use the following links: