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    1.  Homework is a review of what has already been taught! If your child is struggling with something, please let me know.
    2.  Homework is handed out as a weekly packet. It is sent home on Monday and is expected to be returned by Friday. Parents are expected to sign the cover page stating that the homework has been checked over and any notes from me on the bottom of the page have been read. Homework is intended to be a review each night, not to be completed all in one day. If it is turned in late, your child's grade will be negatively affected. 
    3.  A cover sheet is attached to the front of the homework packet in order to guide the student as to what is to be accomplished each day. Homework should take about 60 minutes to complete. Parents are to sign the cover sheet each Thursday.
    4.  Reading for 20-30 minutes a day is expected in order to improve in reading level. Practicing reading helps to make new connections, learn new vocabulary words, and to work on reading fluency. It is not always necessary to read quietly to yourself. You should also read aloud to someone else and have that person ask questions about what has been read.