• Hi! My name is Mrs. Davis. I am the 3rd Grade English as a Second Language Teacher here at HBM, School No. 50. 
    Every Monday, my friends get a new decodable story as well as a reading log with comprehension questions as their nightly homework assignment from me.

    This nightly assignment is meant for practice with reading, writing (using RACE), listening and speaking. Please make sure you are listening to your 3rd grader read, asking the guardian questions, and signing your name in the guardian's signature box after they've completed each nightly task.

    If they bring their reading log back and fully completed on Friday, they get a piece of candy AND an Eagel Buck! If the reading log is turned in late, it's OK! Have them bring it in completed for an Eagel Buck to be used at our Eagel Store. 

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Davis