• Graphic Arts & Design 

    What does it mean to be "original"? What does it mean to be creative? How do I know what I know? Does originality impact expression?

    Digital photography is as close as your phone, computer, tablet or separate digital camera. But what is really involved in photography and once the picture is taken can it be improved? Take a look at the history of photography, after all Rochester is the home of Eastman Kodak Co. the father of modern photography was George Eastman, the drive for pictures was fueled by his conitinuing experiments in making photography accessible for all.

    Today we have a plethera of tools for digital editing, photography, and everything that goes with it. We will be learning the basics of photographic elements, color correction, rule of thirds and how to improve our photographic skills. 

    Photoshop is the tool of professionals and amatuers alike, each tool will take you one step closer to creating the best possible image from each photograph.

     If you want to read more about the tools, how to use them and understand Photoshop more completely please take the time to look through the book from Adobe:  Photoshop Classroom .  Or go to the reference section for this marking period and watch the videos that will take you through all the tools and how to use them.

     We will also be learning a little about animation using Adobe Flash and the field of graphic arts.  We will work through a few simple projects in Adobe Flash before moving on to our next pathway.

    computer graphics


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