School Based Planning Team

  • School-Based Planning is the organizational structure for improving school productivity. This structure provides for the formation of a planning team at each school, consisting of representatives of the full school community who hold primary responsibility for the design of a multi-year school improvement plan.
    The planning team, chaired by the principal, will assess student performance and school effectiveness, set improvement goals, and design instruction and other services in the context of those goals. The School-Based Planning Team is a deliberative, decision-making body whose focus will be directed towards instruction, curriculum, and support for student learning, rather than school operations. The planning team is charged with the work of school improvement, empowered to make decisions and shape programs that will strengthen the education provided to students and lead to the highest standards of achievement.
    Visit the School Based Planning Team Minutes link, to view all past and present documents.
  • School Based Planning Team Members

Additional Information

    Parents interested in more information, please contact any of the following Parent representatives listed.

    Wilson PTSO Executive Officers 2022-23

    • Molly Gildea, President 
    • Romona Stalnaker, Vice President 
    • Munikita Fletcher, Secretary
    • Doug Cane, Treasurer 
    • Dr. Valeria B. Hill, member at large
    To contact any of the parent representatives you can send an email to:
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