• District Rules, Expectations & Guidelines


                It is the fundamental expectation of the Rochester City School District that mutual respectful behavior and attitudes will be consistently and routinely shown among parents, teachers, administrators and students. To ensure your safety, a series of rules, expectations and guidelines has been established by the Board of Education.


    1. Fighting is not accepted in school, on school buses or near school grounds.

    1. Students are not allowed to gather in potentially unsafe settings, such as nearby streets and school parking lots.


    1. Appropriate school attire is to be worn at all times.


    1. Unauthorized persons are not allowed on school grounds or in school buildings.


    1. Students are expected to leave the school grounds at dismissal, unless authorized by an adult to stay and participate in after school activities.


    1. The possession of any form of weapon, flammable substance or potentially dangerous object is forbidden.


    1. All schools are drug-free zones. Drugs are forbidden on all school property. The consumption of alcoholic beverages or possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage while on school property is forbidden.


    1. Parents, guardians and/or siblings who call for students should expect to meet the student at a time and place which will not disrupt instruction or the operation of the school.