• Co-op Program Description
    It is a program where students work and go to school at the same time and earn school credit for their work experience. One of the goals for the Co-op program is for students to "try out" a job to see if they are interested in pursuing it as a career. In some cases, students are eligible for early release depending on the individual students graduation track. The Co-op Program is available to students who are in or will be in the 11th & 12th grades. Students can earn up to two credits, one credit in the 11th grade and one in the 12th grade. Several employers require a two year commitment to the program. Most employers require a minimum of a B average with at least 93% attendance. 
    Credit is awarded on the basis of number of hours worked in a school year so ... 150 hours = .5 credit while 300 hours = 1.0 credit.  
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