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Computer Graphics & Design

  • This is a challenging course that is designed to introduce students to computer graphics and design. Students will use the Adobe Master Collection software used by industry professionals to design original graphic creation, digital manipulation and professional level projects. Students will also be required to develop their own designs, and have a good working knowledge of the vocabulary that is key in these areas. 


    Students are required to:

    • produce and manipulate digital photos using Photoshop
    • create and illustrate 
    • create, edit, produce and original graphic designs using Illustrator
    • create visual typography using InDesign
    Students will understand the interdisciplinary relationship that exists between science, math, technology, literature, and the creation of music, art and graphic design. Students will have an understanding of the careers and career potential associated within these areas and activites. The work is project based, the focus is on the technical applications of the programs that are used. Artistic talent is not required but students are encouraged to be creative in their work.
    I consistently take the student reflections and make changes to assignments, revamp and revise the curriculum as we move toward a successful year together.
    Ms. Karen S. Reyes
Last Modified on September 13, 2020