• Reference Resources and Course E-Books
    This course continually evolves to bring the most current web 2.0 tools and resources to the classroom. Each year I review lessons, take student suggestions and make changes to the projects and the resources. I wrote the original curriculum and as it evolves the resources will be updated electronically and be made available for students.

    Adobe has provided all of the books and documentation for each of the sections of the CS3 that we will be learning. If you would like to read in more depth or learn more about any of the CS3 Master Collection Suite please go to the link below and select the Title and language for the pdf e-book.


    There are also several e-books that we will look at throughout the year. Some we will read and blog about others we will discuss in class. Sometimes we will be reading an excerpt, other times it may be an entire chapter. It is important to expand on what we are learning in class and how it impacts ourselves, our community and our global connections.
    If we are reading and you decide you want to read more please feel free to read as much of the book as you like.  Enjoy your reading opportunities.
    Below you will find some links that connect with outside resources for students and other educators:
    Here are two very interesting App oriented blogs I would encourage you to visit:
Last Modified on March 13, 2018