• College Fridays
    are a way to explore and get ready all the materials that you will need to complete your college applications. Use this time to complete applications, search for scholarships and write your personal essay and personal statement. Begin your journey by clicking on the links below.
    Personal Statement
    Click on the hyperlink  and follow the steps to write your Personal Statement.
    Common Application
    For those of you who need to complete a college application the best place to begin is with the Common Application.  You can click on the link and begin:  https://www.commonapp.org/Login
    It is essential to have a good resume when you request a recommendation letter. It is easy to pull together a resume using Microsoft Word. Look through the templates, find one that appeals to you and get started. Some of the sections are self explanatory but in the case of a resume that you are handing to someone for a recommendation there are some things you can and should add that would not necessarily go on a regular resume. For example: you should add your Volunteer activities, your outside community activities (church, sports groups, etc.) your in school clubs and interests. The more information that you add along with any awards you have earned it helps the person writing the letter to personalize their comments even more.
Last Modified on March 13, 2018