• Copyright or Copy Write

    Copyright has turned into Copy Paste, plagiarism is everywhere, artists are not getting their royalty checks and the industry that supports artists are trying to get them paid. So, how is it possible in this digital world to create a fair and just system of use? Is it time to change copyright law? You will need to read some of the articles, watch the videos and decide. Video piracy, sampling and flat out theft of intellectual materials are everywhere, how will you protect your creations? 

    Follow the link and watch the videos.


    Copyright and Creative Commons

    It’s important to know best practices for using, sharing, and creating images from or for the Internet. Using images with permission is an important aspect of working creatively with digital imagery. This section gives an overview of one of the most widely used licensing systems — Creative Commons — and gives you some starting places to find Creative Commons images that you and your students can use.

    Here’s a useful video produced by Creative Commons Aotearoa/NZ explaining how Creative Commons works and a little about the licenses.

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Last Modified on February 7, 2019