Computer Technology & Design
    Welcome to the exciting journey through Computer Tech & Design. This course is designed to provide insights into the Computer Pathways that will be available for you to pursue during your junior and senior year here at Wilson. We will take a look at the concepts behind the design cycle, the issues that present themselves in a global society driven by technology.  Computer Engineering & Design, Computer Graphics and the AP pathway will allow us to work with Computer Principles & JAVA programming essentials. Learn the basics of Python/Java and develop your skillsets, focus on the design cycle, see what technology offers, and understand the ethics of computing while you work towards solving critical real world issues. This course will allow you to explore the world behind the scenes of today's modern technology. Exploration, curiosity and tenacity will help you take on one of the most interesting sciences today.  I look forward to our year together as we embark on this learning journey together.
    While we will be working with several different software for each of our units, I will post for you any web tools that you might be able to use, as well as programs in the space below. We will be using a variety of articles, E-Books and other media as we explore the topics above.  We will take time to explore coding with Python, Java and HTML this year, so if you want to write any code at home follow the directions below to get your textpad and compiler set up.

    If you don’t have textpad loaded on your home computer, please first go to



    and download the JDK  which will allow you to compile like we do at school. Then go to

    There should be no cost for either of these.




Last Modified on March 29, 2023