• Black History Month Video

    Create your own Video,

    Black History Month is a celebration of acheivement, you need to do some research decide who you will showcase and then create your video that shows, tells and has the music from the era of.



    Musicians. Actors/Actresses

    Beginning When?  Who? Explain the accomplishments (use PowerPoint to detail the information then save the slide as a .jpg file) make sure you get a clip of music from their era, you may want to create an instrumental mix that plays between clips or you could narrate your film.


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  • International Safer Internet Day

    A One-Day BHM Break

    It is International Safer Internet Day

    One student rercently had her home computer hijacked…“taken over” and another had his email hacked.

    THIS…is what you need to worry about!

    Go here, we will briefly discuss this…

    Google: 2017 Internet Of Things Security Threats


    We discussed some of this last year…but it’s still really important!

    Link: International Safer Internet Day

    Google: 12 Top Internet Security Threats in 2017

    You can also check this link out

    GovTech Predictions for 2017 Internet Safety


    TASK: So the above info is what someone else thinks. What do you think? That is…in your blog , describe

                 what you think is the greatest Internet threat to you? Don’t go on and on….get to the point, please.



    Paranoid? Worried?


    Go here…you’ll feel better!

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  • MovieMaker Editing

    You have 4 files you will need to download the folder to your desktop, open each of the video files and then using Movie Maker  edit the files together to create one cohesive video with music. The music must be royalty free (go back to MP1 resources and create your own if you like).

    You will need to add a title (X-Cat Mannequins) and then credits (Photography DaTwan Dixon, Video Editing (YOUR NAME), Music Name/Artist )


    Another online video editor you may want to try and compare to what you have done in MovieMaker






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  • Illustrator Vector Portrait

    This is somewhat complex but not so much so that you will not be able to achieve a good result. Take your time this will take about 4 classes to complete.
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  • Illustrator Trace/Blend to Create a Shaded Seashell

    This tutorial allows you to practice your trace and blending techniques. The time needed to complete this is 1 class period.
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Last Modified on November 17, 2021