• Story/Rhyme of Thanksgiving

    Christmas poems have been around since "The Night Before Christmas" was written in 1823 under the name of "A visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement C. Moore. Look up the story if you haven't seen it or heard it and see if reading it jogs your memory.


    Your Assignment is to tell the story of Thanksgiving.


    Whether you tell the story in Rhyme, paragraphs or rap, make sure you cover all the elements, include all the imagery that the holiday presents.

    Email your Thanksgiving story when it is complete. This story will become the first story we illustrate.

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  • Photoshop Getting Started

    This is your chance to learn some of the tools before you begin your projects, please try each of the tools listed, you can create several images or work just on one through all the various tools.,
    If you have questions ask, once you have finished these images put them in your MP2 folder on your student 890XXXX account.
    If you missed the introduction to these then watch the video that is on the MP2 page and follow it to the other videos that explains the tools used.
    Examples are available on the Marking Period 2 Resources Page, please check the resources, there are print articles and other resources that you may find useful here.
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  • Photoshop Quick Selection Tools

    These are important tools to help you maximize your skills in Photoshop.  While there is no project assigned you can take a screen shot and label it with your favorite tools.
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  • Photoshop: Create Text Mask

    Your Assignment: Follow the tutorial and create your own text mask, then using the same steps choose a shape and create a second mask.
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  • Photoshop: Creating using Brushes

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