Marking Period 2 Big ?
    Technology has changed many things. Change creates ripples (similar to a stone being thrown into a pool of still water). Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Suite was one of these types of technologies. Consider all this and then ...
    Examine what you believe are the un-intended consequences associated with the introduction of Photoshop. 
    Economic? Social? Other? 

    What is a digital image?

    According to Wikipedia, a digital image is “...a numerical representation of a two-dimensional image.” This means that a digital image is a computer-readable package of code that, when passed through a software application like Photoshop or your favorite browser, can be interpreted and displayed on your screen for you to view. A digital image may be a photography, a drawing, or an illustration; digital images usually have file names like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc. Usually, digital images are still images. If it moves, we usually call it an animation or a digital video.

    This history of digital images is long and fascinating, and the technology behind digital images is complex and interesting.

    What is Photoshop, and what does it do?


    Photoshop is an app that allows you to manipulate digital images. Photoshop is a professional-level tool that is the industry standard for digital image manipulation. Once you start learning Photoshop basics, there’s no limit of what you can do or where you can take your skills!

    Here are some basic things you can easily do with Photoshop:

    • Open and make simple edits to a digital image (crop, resize, make adjustments, add text, etc.). Just make sure you have permission to edit the image.
    • Manipulate a digital image in simple to sophisticated ways (such as removing red eye, whitening teeth, removing imperfections, etc).
    • Combine two or more digital images. This is called a “collage” or “composite” and there are many different ways to do this in Photoshop, from the obvious to the extremely subtle.
    • Create digital images from scratch.
    Let's get started with Photoshop. 
    You will find several resources that are helpful but the best way is to try all the tools, filters, and buttons.
    This video series offers some good lessons on Photoshop.
     Be sure to go to the Marking Period 2 Resources page for additional reference materials and other resource content.
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