• Attention All Classes

    Everyone needs to practice safe internet use. Follow the links below for information and follow safe computer practices.

    Cyber Safety: An Interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet


    Please take  moment and watch the video, you will be responsible for knowing what the rules of the room are. We will be discussing consequences. As you watch please think of any questions you may have and we will be discussing this during class.

    If you missed the first few days of class please review the video:

    Reference Resources and Course E-Books

    This course continually evolves to bring the most current web 2.0 tools and resources to the classroom. Each year I review lessons, take student suggestions and make changes to the projects and the resources. I wrote the original curriculum and as it evolves the resources will be updated electronically and be made available for students.

    Adobe has provided the books and documentation for each of the sections of the CS3 that we will be learning. If you would like to read in more depth or learn more about any of the CS3 Master Collection Suite please go to the link below and select the Title and language for the pdf e-book.


    user guides from adobe
    Adobe has also provided video tutorials for the same content through Adobe Video Workshops:
Last Modified on February 5, 2019