• Using Animation to Approach the Holidays



    Using what you have learned about ANimatron now it is time to use the tool for a message. Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas)  are notorious for not being celebrated by all. For many people holidays have no meaning or joy, they are a source of pain and anguish for many reasons. Use what you have learned to send a message of hope, to address some of the issues surrounding holiday anxiety.

    You may have to do some research to find out more about why people are affected by holidays. Keep your message positive, use the animation to help you send your message.

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  • Animation

    In an effort to explore all the webtools we can, we shouldn't miss the opportunity to try Animation.  We have come a long way from individually coloring each slide and then creating something of a flip book to animate. One of the newest tools is Animatron, a html5 based web tool.


     Sign up for the free account, create a login that you will remember,

    We are going to try to create a spooky Halloween Animation, there is a learning curve so we will need to learn a little about it, there are some tutorials that will help as we go. You will need to publish your final animation to your website.

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  • Social Media

    We discussed the many different types of social media, focus your energy on researching just one,

    Create a blog where you will introduce the social media method you have chosen. Then you will focus on the positive and the negative, start your research with the negative, talk about what can go wrong, then shift your focus to the positive, and finally but most important what are your thoughts about the impact of social media on our society as a whole.

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  • Rating Systems & Censorship

    Ratings beyond the Movies
    Today every form of media has a rating, you are responsible for knowing each of these systems and how they impact the creation as well as the overall distribution of media today.

    Read the following articles on the links below, 





    Once you have read and considered each of these what are your feelings and views on ratings and censorship, do you agree? Disagree?

    Create a video (use moviemaker or PowerPoint) and create a video to share your views. POst the completed video on your website.

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  • Web Tools: Drawing

    Digital Drawing

    Music needs images, and the web provides a lot of different tools to create images, let's begin with


    Some of these tools will look familiar if you tried Photoshop to create your collage of you.

    The next program to try is

    Flame Painter

    Sketching comes next

    Try to use the site tools at Sketchpad to do a self-portrait.



    In the spirit of Spirit Week, draw something for Wilson Spirit, send it to me and I will print in color

    My email is  karen.reyes@rcsdk12.org


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Last Modified on September 20, 2021