• Welcome to Marking Period 1
    Watch the video and get an idea of what to expect as we work through the year.
    All Assignments are posted by their Marking Period. You will find each marking period listed under this initial Assignment tab and the assignments are also dated so you will know when the assignment was originally given/due.  

    Check for your assignments, each assignment will be listed on this page for you.

    The goal of this marking period is to introduce you to animation, allow you to play with different types of animation that is available to you and let you explore for yourself and experience the power of creating your own works.

    Using your Computer as a tool for Creation

    This first marking period is dedicated to helping you move from being computer user to an individual using the computer as a tool for creation. There are shifts that will need to take place over the course of this marking period as you begin to grow your skillsets. Be careful with your time management and your need to stay focused on the assignments. Use your blog to talk about any and all problems you discovered this marking period.

    Email Account Set - Up

    student id# @rcsd121.org
    This is a g-mail account if you have a personal g-mail account please create a new profile when setting this account up.
    The password is the same as your login password for your student account.

    Every student in the district has their own email account now. You will need to sign in and activate the account. This is also your link to the Parent Connect System where you can access your grades.

    Your password is what you reset it to but it will need to change if you did not use a combination of 8 letters, numbers or symbols. You can not use more than 16 in combination.

    Helpful hint:  Set up all of your accounts for this class with the same username and password, that way it is much easier to remember.

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Last Modified on September 20, 2021