• Welcome to the final marking period.


    Many of you have taken the time to create some great projects. The last marking period comes with its ups and downs, so here are two projects to help you get the grade.


    You are also responsible for developing your own final project. It can be something from any point in the year that you really enjoyed. Add your final project to your page  along with the two projects below and have a great summer.


    As always be sure to blog. This course changes every year based on the information you share with me in your blogs. Keep up the great work and have a great summer.

    Be sure to have your headphones for the tutorials. You will need them to be successful with the material for this marking period.

    Learning AfterEffects

    AfterEffects is the most difficult yet to learn. You will need to follow the video tutorials and be sure to have your headphones to get the most from these tutorials. You can move on to the projects at any time if you feel comfortable with the program.  Check the Video Resources for this marking period and you will see there are several different video courses that approach AfterEffects in different ways. Video Copiolog offers a great library for learning different software products.  Written references are available through the blog by MRose ( http://blogs.eciad.ca/mrose/resources/resources02/after-effect-notes/ )


    Final Project for the Course


    The very last project for the course comes from you. You will need to choose from one of the types of media (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, AfterEffects, Comic, Cartoon, Storybird, Animoto)we did during the year. Once you have decided on the media you need to develop the project you want to create.

    Not sure what to do, check with me, don't have any ideas, check with me.

    This final project will be due the last Friday of classes. You will also need to provide a blog that is specific to the project, the why you chose to use that media and what the project entailed.


    Final Blog


    Before You Go....

    I would like you to take a look back at this year. Look at all of the assignments from each marking period and tell me about your journey in this class. Tell me your favorite assignments, your least favorite, if you could change something from previous blog posts what would that be?


    I need your help,

    This course undergoes changes each year to make this the best possible experience. What do you recommend for next year? Do you think we should have done things in a different sequence? If you didn't like something how would you recommend it be changed. I look forward to your comments and hope you all have a wonderful summer, I will miss you all.


    Thank you for a great year.


Last Modified on November 17, 2021