•  Welcome to Adobe Flash

    There are a variety of different things that can be done with Flash, from projects that look like powerpoints on steroids to full animations. Please take your time. Finsih the tutorials before you move on to the projects. Embedded within the tutorials are different projects to do as you follow along. Those need to go on your web page. Save each file as a .swf and be sure to change the setting on your web page to show Flash video.

    You will need your headphones this marking period to

    be successful in your work and learning.

    MP2A Big ?

    What is the nature and purpose of creative expression?

    And then...

    Do you believe  the loss of creative expression would have an impact? How can creative expression be measured? What is the true value of creative expression? To the individual? To the community? Global? Local? Is it a commodity?

    As we go through the marking period consider this question, you will need to discuss how Flash allows for creative expression as well in your marking period blog.

    Flash Video Introduction



    If you prefer to watch and learn these video series will be for you, if you prefer to read and do then go on to the tutorials available in the Assignments or Resource section.


    Additional  Learning options:

    I am beginning this section of learning by introducing you to the resources from the Adobe Series Classroom in a Book. If you are a more visual learner there are several tutorials that break up each of the sections of Flash located in the Resource Section of this MP2A. If you need more and want to learn more about Flash there are many other resources on line that you can browse through.


    Special Note:  Please choose which learning style you prefer and follow that, You do not need to watch/read/do all of these but you do need to choose 1 from those offered and follow it then begin the projects based on where you are in your learning.  Your Final Flash project will be an original Flash Animation based on your knowledge of Flash, Illustrator, and your choice of song.  You will need to Animate the song, see the example below.



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