Helen Barrett Montgomery invites parents/guardians to visit or meet with our staff. The following adopted policy will ensure that classes are not unduly interrupted because a stable environment for learning is most important to our students. We want each visit or meeting to be a positive and safe experience for everyone concerned. Please arrange for a classroom visit with the teacher of the class at least 24 hours in advance. If 24 hour notice was not given, and the classroom and/or teacher are unavailable for visits, leave a message on the teacher’s voicemail to schedule a time for future visit.  


    Scheduling a visit or meeting prior to arriving at school:

    • Arrange for a classroom visit or meeting with the staff member in advance by phone, email or through written correspondence.

    • Meetings should be scheduled before or after school unless arranged by the teacher

    • Persons other than parents, guardians, students or staff who desire to visit must have appropriate permission from an administrative team member


    Upon arrival at school:

    •  Report to the main office before the start of the visit and sign-in. Give your name, the student’s name, the teacher’s name, present your ID and include the reason for your visit. Government issued ID will be used with the RAPTOR system to generate a visitation sticker.

    • Please wait while a member of the office staff calls the teacher to confirm your visit or meeting.

    •  Upon confirmation by the teacher, all visitors must wear a Helen Barrett Montgomery visitor’s identification tag generated by Raptor while in the building.  The sticker should be turned in at the office when you leave the building.

    • There may be times when it is necessary to have an escort accompany you in the building.


    During the visit:

    • Visit only the classroom(s) designated on your Helen Barrett Montgomery visitor’s identification tag.

    • Visit the class during the designated time. If needed, schedule a future meeting with the teacher.

    • No visitors will be allowed to leave the Main Office from 2:00-2:20.


    Thank you for following these guidelines and helping this to be a positive experience for everyone in our learning community.