Welcome to the Division of Student Support Services

  • Welcome to the Division of Student Support Services. Our division is proud to serve the Rochester City School District, our students, staff, and families.  The Division of Student Support Services supports the District’s Vision and Mission by providing a continuum of programs and services to support the academic, physical, social-emotional, and management needs of students including those with special needs. The District’s Office of Equity and Inclusion, Department of Counseling, Department of Special Education, Office of Placement, Office of Parent Engagement, Office of Strategic Partnerships and Volunteer Coordinator,  Health Services, Primary Project, Community Health Centers, Families in Transition Programs, and the Attendance Department are all part of the Division of Student Services. 

    Our Student Support Services Division supports the mission of the Rochester City School District for diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe in actively include and value all students and to meet their unique learning needs while developing their understanding and respect of difference, thus preparing them to live in an inclusive, global community and world. We envision a district where every student is encouraged to achieve to her or his highest potential and we will maximize our differences to achieve excellence. We will fully embrace our rich, diverse community as expressed through race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, sexual orientation, nationality, origin, immigration status, language background and proficiency, and family structure.

    Parents and caregivers are integral school partners in the education of their children. We welcome your input and support.

    Division of Student Support Services Team:

    Melody Martinez- Davis, Deputy Superintendent of Student Support Services
    melody.martinez-davis@rcsdk12.org (585) 262- 8614

    Elizabeth Reyes, Executive Director for the Dept. of Equity, Inclusion & Social and Emotional Support
    elizabeth.reyes@rcsdk12.org (585) 262 - 8470

    Crystal Clark, Director of Student Support Services
    crystal.clark@rcsdk12.org (585) 262- 8470