About RocRestorative

    • The RocRestorative Team is made up of more than a dozen counselors, dedicated coaches, and community partners trained in restorative practice and ready to support our schools and serve all students in the Rochester City School District.

      Our Restorative Practices are built from the bottom up, by our school communities, through dialogue, assessing needs and resources through a strength-based lens, and applying these principles to each unique situation.  Our team, through ongoing coaching and support, partners with schools to recognize and enhance existing and additional resources, provide training, and design and evaluate professional learning opportunities.

      We envision schools where peace, equity, social justice, and academic excellence are achieved through a collaborative effort of all school-community members to engage in restorative practices to build relationships, respond to and repair harm and wrongdoing, as well as to learn from one another.

      For more information, please contact us today at RocRestorative@rcsdk12.org.

Key Initiatives

  • The H.U.B. at Douglass Campus

    The Restorative H.U.B. (Healing, Understanding, Belonging) is an intentional space located at the Douglass campus for building community, navigating conflict, and restoring relationships.

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RocRestorative is

    • Ruth B. Turner
      Deputy Superintendent
      for Administration and Supports

      Jess Nordquist
      Director of Culture & Climate

      Roc Restorative Team
      Kevin Baldwin Team Lead
      Angelica Matias Team Lead

      William Broome
      Jenny Canales
      Katy Frank
      Sandra Krieger
      Persephone Modeste
      Justin Monk-George
      Sara Oliveiri
      Emma Sullivan
      Dawn Flowers Thompson

      IBERO Partners
      Cynthia Collazo Team Lead
      Yabnel Coss-Torres 
      Natasha Del Rosario