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    (5) How can I add and subtract with Mayan numerals? 


    Once students understand the differences between Hindu-Arabic numerals and Mayan number representations, addition and subtraction can be helpful for students.  The radicalmath.org website has a nice comparison of the two systems.  It also has clear representations of the Mayan numbers.  The website then illustrates addition and subtraction with the Mayan numerals which can be much easier than addition and subtraction with Hindu-Arabic numerals because the symbols are not abstract, but instead are direct representations of countable objects. For example, when adding 6 and 7 in the Hindu-Arabic system, the answer is 13.  When 6 and 7 are added in the Mayan system, the dots (1 and 2) are added and 3 dots are drawn.  Also, the two bars are added and 2 bars are drawn. The etls.dpsk12.org also includes arithmetic with Mayan numbers and continues on in the unit to build a replica of a Mayan ruin.