• Welcome to Mr. Skinner's classroom webpage!


    Getting Started

    • Hello Students! I've organized this site so that you (my students) can get to the information you need quickly. 

    • You can find support for your homework, interesting articles and multimedia links to help you study at your house.

    • If you find something you want your classmates to see on the web, send me a message and I will provide a link to it.

    New Additions to this site:
    1. I have added some multimedia links that will help you review different concepts that we'll review in class. Click here to look at over 100 video links.
    2. I have uploaded my "Pictionary Dictionary". I use this to help students understand some basic science vocabulary. Click Here to review my current dictionary.
    3. Environmental Students - I Have added some Review Videos for material we will be talking about in class . Taught by Salaman Khan, these should definitely be reviewed. (For my ELL students you can pause the videos and write down words you are unsure of - bring them to class and I will help you with them.
    4. I have included some Make up Labs for those of you who have missed a lab in class. These can be printed and finished at home.
    Parents and students you can contact me any time at skinnersclassroom@gmail.com or by calling the school at 585-324-5250.