• Welcome to 3rd grade! 

    ...with Ms. Gatz.

    In our classroom we are: 








    HOMEWORK: Students can expect homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. It is due the next day and is typically a quick one pager that will solidify a skill or allow them some practice. Please allow them a quiet, distraction-free space to work on their homework. Preferably at a table, sitting up. We want to build solid habits for them as they go through their schooling career. 


    - In unity 1, we look at the RAINFOREST! We will continue our journey on the environment and deep dive into folktales, poetry, fables, fairy tales, legends, and myths.

    We look at the essential questions. *How can an environment affect lives and relationships? *How do different cultures relate to their environments? *How do people travel in different environments? Students remain curious in the different themes taught in our stories studied. 

    "Grandma and the Great Gourd" retold by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni <-- a Bengali folktale

    "Friends" a poem. Author unknown. 

    "Why the Sky is Far Away" retold by Mary-Joan Gerson <--a Nigerian folktale

    " Cocoliso" by Andres Pi Andereu <-- Realistic Fiction


    Did you know the EMERGENT layer of the rainforest has trees up to 200ft tall!?



    - Multiplication and Division continue to be our focus. Students are learning to memorize the formulas. I am making sure that they are aware that counting with your fingers is ok! (https://www.wsj.com/articles/turns-out-counting-on-your-fingers-makes-you-smarter-1477065563)

    Our students LOVE math. I want them to know there is a right answer... but how they get there and how their brain thinks about it might be different. We are starting "Number Talks." The goal of number talks is to have a conversation about how people get from one number to the next... Everyone's brain works differently. Some people create groups, others use their fingers, others see images when they look at numbers... these talks are great for 3rd graders to start seeing how numbers work. 

    How can you help at home? QUIZ THEM! "Skip count by 3's..." Students should respond with "3...6...9...12..." help them if they get stuck but allow them to struggle productively. Let students make groups out of blocks or cooking materials... How many are in each group? How many total? Ask them to tell you the time... what time is it in 15 minutes? All of these ideas are helpful ways to help students at home. 


    Social Studies

    - MAPS! Where are we? What does our world look like? Where do we all come from? We learned the compass rose. Students are learning to look at street signs and highway signs... 590 SOUTH...390 NORTH...

    How can you help at home? QUIZ THEM! When you are driving, let them know you are driving north... (the lake is always north) ask them what direction you would be going if you turned around? (south) allow them to navigate you home... (this is super fun for kids) They can earn points for giving the right directions! They love points! 


     My philosophy on education: EVERY student can learn and it's not my job to teach them WHAT to learn but rather HOW to learn. My biggest goal is to create a sense of curiosity in my students. As I guide them through the material for 3rd grade, I promise to challenge them, to get them excited and keep them hungry for knowledge. I will help mold them into good and kind people while they are with me and encourage their sense of compassion for others. It takes a village and I look forward to an amazing year and being connected with families as we move through some really amazing learning. 


    You can help support our classroom by donating to our Donors Choose projects. Thank you in advance!