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    My name is Kyle Martin and I have a passion for history.
    I try to impart a passion for history and a desire to be a life long learner to my students.
    I integrate the use of technology in my lessons to enhance understanding of key concepts of Global History. I also try to make Global Studies relatable, in other words, why is this knowledge important today.
    You can use this site to stay up to date with what we are studying, homework assignments, and upcoming events!
    "History is just that, a story, a story of human life, who we are and how we got here."
    We are Currently Studying Chapter 27--> IMPERIALISM. Imperialism is when a strong country takes over a weaker country.
    MAIN IDEA--> Who imperialized? Where did they Imperialize? Why did countries want to Imperialize, in other words, what was in it for them?
    Check the homework section for materials if you missed a day, also check the calendar to see what day we are studying certain sections.