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    Mr. Hodges AIS CLASS


    Dear parents and students,


     It is an honor and a privilege to be your son or daughter’s teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to
     welcome the 7th grade students and
    let you know I'm excited and looking forward to a happy and productive school year.


      Our goal at the school is to build a positive learning community that highlights the individual strengths of each member. Our curriculum is a comprehensive
     and integrated program designed to build and foster skills necessary in order to prepare students for academic achievement. It is my desire to develop a strong
     home-school partnership that includes your child, the parents, teacher or teachers as well as any support system that will contribute to your child’s success.  


    Homework policy


    Excused absences: students who are absent due to illness have three days for each full day missed to make up school work that was missed (after he/she
     returns to school). Students are responsible for completion of all missed work or they will receive a grade of zero on any tests, projects or assignments missed.
     If your child is absent more than two days and you would like to pick up missed homework assignments, please call the school secretary at 324-9273.


    Unexcused absences: class work or homework missed due to planned or voluntary absence must be completed and handed in on the day of return to school.
    Parents and students must secure assignments in advance of such absences and should inform me in writing at least one week in advance of the planned absence.




    As the school year progresses, I will notify you in advance of any special classroom events. If you have any questions or concerns schedule a
     conference or call the secretary to contact me by phone. Once again welcome and let's work together to make this a productive and successful year.


     Mr. Hodges


    ·         The AIS class is intended to provide support in literacy through vocabulary enrichment

    ·         To build vocabulary from word roots

    ·        To teach students essential word strategies that will enable them to unlock the meaning of vocabulary words




     The No Child Left Behind legislation mandates that all states adopt academic standards that identify the skills
     students will learn in kindergarten
     through grade 12. The following are the standards and or objectives that will guide the AIS class.


    Objective #1

    Students use conventions of spelling in written compositions (e.g., spell high frequency,

    commonly misspelled words from appropriate grade-level list; use a dictionary and other resources to spell words;
    use initial consonant substitution
     to spell related words; use vowel combinations for correct spelling; use contractions, compounds, roots, suffixes,
    prefixes, and syllable
     constructions to spell words).


    Objective #2

    Students use phonetic and structural analysis techniques, syntactic structure, and semantic context to
    decode unknown words (e.g., vowel patterns,complex word families, syllabication, root words, affixes).


    Objective #3

    Students understand level-appropriate reading vocabulary (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, homophones, multi-meaning words).


    Objective #4

    Students use strategies to convey a clear main point when speaking (e.g., express ideas in a logical manner; use specific
     vocabulary to establish tone and present information).


    Objective #5

    Students use level-appropriate vocabulary in speech (e.g., familiar idioms, similes, word play).


    Objective #6

    Students make basic oral presentations to class (e.g., use subject-related information and vocabulary; include content appropriate to the
    audience; relate ideas and observations; incorporate visual aids or props; incorporate several sources of information).





    ·        Students will be evaluated or assessed periodically

    ·        Homework will be assigned to reinforced what is learned during class

    ·        Test or quizzes will be given throughout the marking period

    ·        Participation in class is expected and will be graded

    ·        The final grade for the class will be a passed(P) or failed(F)



    Once you have read this document with your son or daughter please make sure you sign it and return to me. I have provided space in case you
    have a comment or question



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    940 Fernwood Park, Rochester, NY, 14609



    Mr. Hodges AIS CLASS



    Rules are necessary in the classroom in order to create a safe atmosphere that is conductive to learning. This is a classroom where respect will be uphold in the highest regard, where students and staff will not feel threatened or ridicule, and learning will take place.


    Classroom Management


    ·        Students come in the morning sit in their assigned seats ready to start class.

    ·        Attendance is taking as required by district using chancery.

    ·        If a student is tardy without a valid reason, he first gets a warning, a second time lunch detention, a third time a call is made home, and if the problem persist a parent teacher conference will be arranged.

    ·        No gum, food or drink will be allowed during classes at any time. Exceptions are made only for medical reasons and with a doctor’s notification.

    ·        Bathroom time is allowed between classes. No student will be allowed to use the bathroom or drink water once a class has started, unless there is doctor’s excuse for medical reasons.

    ·        Differentiated instruction is used to meet the needs of all students. Students will work in pairs, use technology, and classes will be rich with visual and hands on activities.

    ·        Students will have assigned seats and a chart will be kept in the classroom.

    ·        When a student comes unprepared to class, a note will be sent home to make parent aware of the situation. Student must bring note signed by parent or guardian.

    ·        All parent contacts will be recorded on student’s file kept by teacher.


    Positive Consequences


    ·        The satisfaction of learning

    ·        High grade marks

    ·        Smile, high five or handshake

    ·        Word of praise or encouragement

    ·        A call or a note sent home explaining positive behavior and or good work

    ·        Prizes or rewards to celebrate accomplishments

    ·        Class reward or celebration for achieving goals


    Disciplinary consequences


    ·        Non-verbal reminder, a look, a gentle tap on the shoulder

    ·        Verbal warning student will be reminded of class rules and consequences

    ·        Lunch detention, phone call home change in seating

    ·        Behavior plan and after school detention

    ·        Referral to administrator



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