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    Mr. Hanifin/Ms. LaVigne


    Dear parents and students,

     We would like to take this opportnity to introduce ourselves to you.  Our names are Mr. Hanifin and Ms. LaVigne.  We are the Physical Education Teachers at Northeast Collegiate Prep School.

     It is an honor and a privilege to be your son or daughter’s Physical Education Teachers.  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our students and let you know we are very excited and looking forward to a happy and productive school year.

    Our goal at the school is to build a positive learning community that highlights the individual strengths of each member. Our curriculum is  comprehensive  and integrated program designed to build and foster skills necessary in order to prepare students for academic achievement along with a safe and healthy lifestyle . It is our desire to develop a strong home to school partnership that includes your child, the parents, teacher or teachers as well as any support system that will contribute to your child’s success.   

    If you have the need to contact us at anytime, please use the following phone number:

    (585) 324-9273

    We suggest highly that you visit all information in this website in reference to the Physical Education Program.  Many of the questions you may want to ask, may be settled with the policies, procedures, rules and requirements listed in this website.

    Thank you for your time and enjoy the website!


    NECP Physical Education Department

    Mr. Hanifin

    Ms. LaVigne


    Northeast College Preparatory School @ Frederick Douglass Campus

    940 Fernwood Park – Rochester, New York  14609




    We believe that Physical Education is a vital component for the development of a student’s physical, mental and social well-being.  It is our mission to provide an equal opportunity to our students, through planned activities, for physical development in the areas of strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance, agility, power and cardiovascular development.  Our diverse program will allow students the opportunity to develop individual skills and introduce new, enjoyable experiences for life long physical fitness and well-being.  We will provide information for knowledge in proper exercise techniques and practices, good nutritional habits, basic muscle anatomy, and cardiovascular physiology.




    1. Personal Health and Fitness:  Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity and maintain personal health.
    2. A Safe and Healthy Environment:  Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.
    3. Resource Management:  Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources.




    1. Student will be competent in many movement forms.
    2. Student will understand how and why one moves in a variety of situations and will use this information to enhance his/her own skills.
    3. Student will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
    4. Student will exhibit a physical active lifestyle and will understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge and self – expression.
    5. Student will demonstrate responsible personal behavior while participating in movement activities.
    6. Student will demonstrate responsible social behavior while participating in movement activities and understand the importance of respect for others.
    7. Student will understand the interrelationship between history, culture, games, sports, play and dance.









    1. State Mandate:  All Students will attend, prepare for and participate in physical education each year to meet minimum requirements.
    2. Attendance:  Students will attend class regularly with only legal absences accepted.  All Students will have time to pass from the previous class, be prepared and at the teaching station in the required time.  If a student is late to Physical Education Class he/she should have a tardy pass from their previous teacher.
    3. Preparation:  All Students will be required to be properly dressed in the acceptable uniform.  The acceptable uniform for physical education class will be:
      1. Gym Shorts
      2. T-Shirt
      3. Socks
      4. Sneakers
      5. Sweat Shirt, Sweat Pants – on cool/cold days
      6. Warm-up Top, Warm-up Pants – on cool/cold days


    Note:  Preparation Policy is for both males and females (boys and girls).  Students are expected to dress properly each and every time they report to physical education.  Student’s who are excused must bring a note from home and/or the Doctor.  Student’s who are excused are still required to Prepare for class (dress out/dress properly).

    ·         Students are provided enough time(15 minutes) to change cloths and prepare for class (seated for attendance)

    ·         This time includes: passing from the previous class, getting their needed physical education uniform needs, use of the boys’/girls’ bathroom, and asking any important questions.


    1.  Swimming Unit:  All Students will take a Swimming Unit during physical education.  Students will be informed of this unit prior to the unit starting.  A requirement for this unit and classes is a Swimsuit.  Students are expected to provide their own.  Girls will be required to wear a one-piece suit.

    Note:  Students are required to bring their own towel.


    Swimming Preparation Requirements:

    1.      Swim Suit

    2.      Towel

    3.      Follow all Safety Procedures and Rules.


    1. Participation:  All Students are expected to participate in physical education class.  Students must be properly dressed.  Students must report to class on time.  Students must put-forth effort in class (realistic/honest effort).  Time will be provided prior to and after the activity period for showers and dressing out or changing back into required school uniform.


    1. Uniforms:  Students are required and expected to provide his/her own clean physical education uniform (see list above).  Students are required and expected to provide his/her own towel for the swimming unit and for showers after activity.  The use of Pajamas will not be accepted as Physical Education Uniforms.


    1. Exemptions:  All students will be expected to participate in physical education (including the physical fitness test and swimming) unless a medical exemption has been presented.


    1. Medical Exemption from Physcial Education Class:  If a student has a medical exemption from physical education, the student is required to bring the exemption or a copy of the exemption to the Physical Education Teacher.  It is highly advisable to ask the Doctor for restrictions and possible physical activities that the individual can perform for physical education classes.  Please ask for those activities in writing and provide the physical education teacher with a copy of the exercises and/or activities.



    1. Cell phones are NOT permitted in Physical Education Class.




    1. NO Music or Small Video players to include Camera’s in Physical Education class.


    1. The Physical Education Department will NOT accept responsibility for lost items.


    1. Students will follow the Rochester City School District Rules, Responsibilities, Requirements and Code of Conduct.
















    Every student will earn a grade each class period.  They will earn one of the following point values (0-10) for each period.  Each students’ points will be added for the marking period and then averaged to give the student a numerical point value.  Letter grades will be determined by using a grading system which corresponds to the Rochester City School District


    The point values are as follows:


    Each Class is divided into two (2) segments.


    Segment #1 includes:  Attendance (1 Point), Preparation and Proper Uniform (2 Points), Execution of Warm-up Activities (2 points)

    Total for Segment #1:  5 points


    Segment #2 includes:  Participation in the main activity or unit/lesson (5 points)- points will vary depending on effort and improvement of the individual

    Total for Segment #2:  5 points


    Total Points for Class Period:  10 points



    0 points:  Student does not participate as required (student elects to “not participate”).  Student is late to class (no tardy pass).  Student elects to not “dress out” and is not in appropriate uniform.  Student refuses to show respect.  Student uses inappropriate language, is not cooperative and, is disruptive in class.


    1 point:  Student(s) arrive ON-TIME to the attendance procedure.


    2 points:  Student(s) prepare and are “dressed out” in the proper uniform for class.


    2 points:  Student(s) execute the warm-ups activities as demonstrated and directed by the Physical Education Teacher.


    5 points:  Student(s) execute, with effort, the activity(s) planned for and provided by the Physical Education Teacher.










    Very Important Information


    All students are required to attend and participate in physical education classes.


    Student’s not prepared for Physical Education Class will participate in class activities.  After three (3) times of not dressing and/or not participating, the student will Request a Make-Up Class and attend the Make-Up Class or receive a failing grade.


    All students are responsible for bringing an “Admit to Class” pass after being late to physical education for a legitimate reason.


    All students are responsible to provide the physical education teacher with a doctor’s note if the student is not physically able to participate in physical education class.  If the student is able to participate but, limited to the activity level, the student must provide a note from the doctor with specific guidance on activity levels, exercises and participation.




    Make-Up Physical Education Classes


    If students are in the position where they will have to make up a physical education class the following procedure will be required for the make-up.


    Example Below:


    Student “A” does not dress out/prepare for physical education classes.  Three (3) “Not Dressed” or Not Prepared for PE class - equals the requirement to Make-Up a class.


    Student “A” will be given the opportunity to make up those classes.


    Student “A” will have to coordinate with the physical education teacher to set up a time, day and date for the make-up class(s).  Request Slips available from PE Teacher.


    A “Make-up” class will be provided and, the student decides to attend the make-up.


    Days, Dates and Times for “Make-Up Physical Education Class” provided on the request slip.









    Extra Credit



    It is highly encouraged that students continue to stay physically active in their lives.  Extra Credit will be provided to students that participate in extra-curricular activities that demand physical activity.

    For example:  Intramurals, Athletic Teams/Sports, Marching Band, Memberships to Boy’s/Girl’s Club, Memberships to Fitness Centers/Gyms to name a few.

    If a student would like to obtain “extra-credit” he or she must meet with the Physical Education Teacher and work out a plan for that student to obtain the extra credit.

    *  This is highly encouraged


    Extra Credit:    Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, etc…To receive extra credit, the student must present the PE teacher with a written statement from their Coach or Sponsor proving the fact of extra-curricular participation.


    ·         The note must be signed by the individuals COACH/INSTRUCTOR.






    This is one of the most challenging areas.  We expect students to follow the Rochester City School District’s  “Code of Conduct”.  We also would like emphasis in the following areas:


    Treat others (adults and students) with respect

    Practice good and proper manners

    Listen and follow directions

    No Profanity

    No Sexual Harassment

    Practice Safety

    Be Accountable

    Be Responsible