• My philosohy of Education is simple:  attend my classes every day, focus and pay attention to the work and you will be successful.   My course in Video Production and Media Studies is a broad study of media of all forms.  I use a wide spectrum of media to best stimulate the 21st century student.  Understanding what we read, watch, hear and consume is as important as knowing the basics of reading and writing.  Therefore, literacy and especially media literacy are  important components of my work.
    I believe that students should have a variety of stimulating experiences in every 50 minute class.  Reading text, listening to others read, writing responses, watching video and film excepts, interviewing other students and adults, are a few of the activities that I encourage.  Students will become competent in video editing software, using video cameras, understanding the history of the moving image and in Television Production.
    I grade students based on the quality of their production work, ability to work cooperatively with production teams and their general particiption in my class.  I give a participation grade every Friday as part of my grading system.  Students will have a rubric for participation in their binder sections.