• Hello Montessori family! Welcome to Mr. Cruz's Physical Education website!

    Name: Salvador Cruz
    Email Address: salvador.cruz@rcsdk12.org 
    Phone number: 585-325-0935
    Hi Everyone,
    I am Mr. Cruz, your physical education teacher at Montessori Academy. 
    Physical activity and literacy are vital for the development and growth of children. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the closing of our school, modifications need to be made in order to address student learning. Even though we are not able to be physically active in the gymnasium or school, we can still use this website as a reference to stay busy at home. Please click on the quick links provided on this page for students to be physically active and/or practice written work related to physical education. 
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    Staying Fit with Mr. Cruz and Kids- It is a Youtube channel hosted by Mr. Cruz and his kids. The channel provides short lessons to keep students fit at home. Please subscribe and stay up to date with the content.
    Playworks Play at Home Series- Playworks has for 24 years focused on bringing games and activities to schools while creating a safe and healthy recess for students. Playworks is eager to announce their "Play at Home series" to support kids'healthy movement and play while student are home. Anyone is welcome to join for Live Virtual Recess Monday-Friday at 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm EST on Facebook Live.
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