• Unit 1 Constructions:   
    See lesson by lesson videos and resource links below for extra guidance: 
    1.1R Constructing Segments and Triangles

    1.2R Constructing Equilateral Triangles
             Construction Notes C1 
    1.3R Regular Hexagons and Inscribed Equilateral Triangles
             Note: Use the arrows at the bottom of this Geogebra file to see step by step
                       how to construct a regular hexagon.
             Construction Notes C2
    1.4R Angle Bisetors Fold and Construct (There is a page of 4 angles to fold -- angles A through D)
             Construction Notes C3
    1.5R Perpendicular Bisectors: Fold (There is a page of 4 segments to fold perpendicular bisectors)
    1.6R Perpendicular Bisectors: Construct
             Construction Notes C4 

    1.7R Construct a Square

    Construct a Centroid
     Construct an Orthocenter