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    (10) Where do you see papel picado today?

    San Salvador Huixcolotla is the area in which papel picado originates.  By the late 1920’s, town crafters travelled to sell their paper flags in neighboring towns. Today, it can be mass produced.  Some is even die cut from plastic so that it will not disintegrate in the wind and rain. Papel picado is used to decorate at baptisms, weddings, funerals and holidays – especially for “Day of the Dead” (Agar). In El Paso, TX, there are metal fence panels that are painted and cut in the style of papel picado flags.

    Handmade in Mexico                                    

    Papel Picado Workshop

    For sale in stores in San Francisco

    Shop    SF store 2

     Fences in El Paso, TX

    Buchanan Botanical  Buchanan Botanical


    This is a very thorough documentary about Papel Picado in Spanish.

    Papel Picado appears at minute 4:00