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    (7) How did they use amatl (amate)?

    Aztec Map Aztecs used the amate to document maps, genealogies or trial records.  A few codices (written collections organized pictorial representations) have survived. The codices existed as recordings of religious books, historical records of dynasties, and administrative books with land records and maps. One codex is Codex Borbonicus which consists of three parts: divinatory calendars, the 52-year cycle of the Aztecs, and rituals and ceremonies. (“Aztec and Tenochitlan”) While paper was also sometimes burned in religious ceremonies as a form of sacrifice, the gathering and burning of hundreds of codices at Texcoco by the Europeans during colonization is a terrible loss of historic and cultural artifacts.  (Tuerenhout, D. p. 51) The largest remaining group of Mesoamerican codices are early Mixtec pictographic, Oaxacan books (Miller). The Codex Selden was found to have a pre-colonial codex underneath the paint layer of a colonial era codex (Kennedy).