• Important Links for Students and Parents

    Access your child's textbooks online!
    The math and social studies curriculum have online texts which could be useful for you and your children if they forget their book in school or choose not to bring it home.
    • The social studies text can be found at jat.glencoe.com. You will be prompted to choose the text (the purple one) and then an access code, which is DB302A04C4. Not only is the online version page-for-page the same as the actual book, but there are other activities and quizzes.
    • The math text is also online at the following site: my.hrw.com. They will have a unique username and password; the username will be provided to them and they have chosen their passwords.  Once this information is entered, they will be prompted to choose which grade level text they want (most likely the blue 7th grade one), and then they can navigate to which activity, assignment, or page they would like.
    Give your child the power to enrich their academics from home!
    The following websites are often worked on during computer lab times, but can be accessed from home as well.
    • To assist with our rigorous math curriculum the class is expected to complete ongoing assignments on the Compass website.  Their username is their 6-digit student number (lunch number) and their password is their initials and their four-digit birth year (for example, cd1999).  Once students are logged on, they can go into various folders which have been given assignments by me.  Students are expected to complete these assignments (watch videos, complete activities, take quizzes) at an 80% success rate.  If they don't complete activities or quizzes at an 80% rate, they will be forced to do them again until growth is shown.  I can keep track of this data and let you know how they are doing.
    • First in Math challenges students while playing the popular 24 game.  Students accumulate stickers for themselves, our class, our school, and the district, and they can see how they rank against their peer group across each of those sectors, including nationally!  A 24 Club also meets once a week later in the year to prepare for tournaments.  Each child is given a unique username and password early in the school year.
    Throughout the year students will be given long-range projects in the areas of literature, science, and social studies.  There often will be several websites which I will suggest they use as a starting point, or actually spend much of their time navigating.
    • I often use Discovery Education for informational videos to assist with my instruction.  Assignments will also be given to the students from this site.  Once the students log on, they will have access to video content and assignment information.