Ms. Katie J. Duane

Phone: 585-458-2280 ext. 1190


Degrees and Certifications:

-Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration -Master of Science in Teaching -New York State Public Teacher Certificate: Professional Level

Ms. Katie J. Duane

Hello! My name is Katie Duane and I'm the Art Teacher at the Rochester International Academy. Currently, I teach all grade levels K-12, which I LOVE because variety is one of my best friends. My students are wonderful, and even more than my love for art, they are the reason I'm here everyday.

The most important thing in my art class (aside from being kind and respectful, of course!) is experimentation. I encourage my students to take steps in directions that are challenging, make mistakes, make messes, and always try new things. My goals for the year are for my kids to make art from all around the world and in as many disciplines as possible, build courage and cooperation, learn to self-express, improve language skills, and I want to make sure my kids get to use as many different materials as possible.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy writing, painting, drawing, picture-taking, baking, reading, hiking, biking, yoga, and swimming. I love coffee and 'The Office', and am obsessed with all things related to outer space! I'm also a certified yoga teacher, though I'm not teaching currently. Just as I often have too many ideas for projects at school, I often have too many hobbies and ideas for personal projects at home. At present, I have at least a five half-finished paintings and stories lying around my apartment :)

Previous Experience:

  • Two years part-time art teaching experience at a charter school (Self-Enhancement, Inc.) in Portland, Oregon (2008-2009)
  • Two years full-time teaching experience (Art, Art History, ESoL) at a university (Espíritu Santo) in Guayaquil, Ecuador (2009-2011)
  • This is my 4th year in RCSD! (2012-present)