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    Second graders will begin the year with a review of individual consonant sounds, short vowel sounds, consonant and vowel digraphs that were taught in first grade. The Skill Strand then introduces two syllable words and continues with a heavy focus on spelling alternatives for long vowel sound and -r controlled vowels. The year concludes with the introduction of close reading skills, which will be further developed in the upper elementary grades. Grammar lessons include common and proper nouns, capitalization, regular and irregular plurals, antonyms, adverbs, and sentence structure. Second graders continue to refine their skills in the writing process (planning, drafting, editing/revising, and publishing) as they create pieces in the narrative, personal narrative, persuasive letter, alternate story ending, and report genres. The Listening and Learning Strand continues to provide opportunities for students to gain content area knowledge while listening to stories read aloud.