• Mrs. Driscoll
    Email: Brenda.Driscoll@RCSDK12.ORG
    Mr. Heirigs
    I am one of the 3rd grade teachers at School #19. I have taught at 19 for over 10 years. My first year teaching I was the Science Lab Teacher at School #2 for grades K-6. I have great passion for inquiry based teaching and learning. I embrace life experiences through traveling. I consider myself a life time learner. I am always seeking new and different experiences to learn from. Traveling and visiting schools around the world has opened my eyes and has made me a better person and teacher. I promote living green and the preservation of the oceans. My hobbies include scuba diving, snorkeling, 4x4 off roading, aquarium care, and my family.
    Mrs. Lillis
    Email: Jamie.Lillis@rcsdk12.org