• books  Second Grade News

         Second grade is an exciting year!  The students are reading a variety of different fiction and non-fiction titles.  The New York State Core Curriculum will study famous civil rights leaders, fairytales and folktales, cycles in nature, ancient Greek and Asian civilizations and the novel, Charlotte's Web.   We read the documents together as a whole group lesson and learn new vocabulary for each piece.
             Every student needs to practice their reading skills outside of school.  I encourage students to borrow books from our classroom library and the local library. Please get your child a library card, it's FREE!  Some students are practicing their sight words at home- please help them with this important skill along with weekly spelling words.
              We are currently using the Saxon Math program.  Every day students practice math skills such as number facts along with a new math concept. Students need to memorize basic math facts for numbers (1-20) plus their doubles facts (1-10).  Many times students practice a math skill with a partner by playing a math game.
              We are using a new Social Studies curriculum that emphasizes Rochester and New York State.  Students will practice mapping skills, vocabulary and responsibilities of citizenship. 
                Science topics covered will include nature cycles (weather and animal life cycles), energy and motion, earth science and the human body.