• Classroom Rules


      Be Polite, Prepared, and Punctual

            This means to listen when someone else is speaking. Goofing around and talking out of turn are impolite and will not be tolerated! Be in your seat when the bell rings and have all necessary materials. This means your complete binder, homework, several pens, and agenda book.


    Positive Consequences

            If everyone is polite in class, everyone will feel comfortable in sharing their ideas. If people are not all talking at once we can all be heard.

            If everyone is prepared for class, no one has to wait to start. You will feel better and more positive about your work if you are prepared.

            If you are polite and prepared on a daily basis, you will do well on quizzes and tests. Good grades make everyone feel   better.


    Negative Consequences

                If a student misbehaves or is uncooperative in class they will be given one warning. If the student continues the behavior, the NECP dicipline plan will be followed and I will make parent/guardian contact