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    This website contains information and tools designed to help both students and parents. You will be able to research projects, check homework, review for tests, get missed lesson notes, communicate with me via e-mail and more!

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     My Mission

    "It is my responsibility to positively promote education; to spark the 'enthusiasm to learn' within each student; and to provide the foundation for insight, knowledge, discernment, and wisdom within individuals as they become lifelong learners. Developing these skills is essential for the growth, prosperity, and conscientious decision making necessary for our society."

    -By Peter Frank, previously published in ASCD Catalyst

    My Philosophy

    My job is to help students figure things out for themselves. The reason for this is that you never really "own" knowledge until you've gone through that process.


    A Note About History


    All history teachers face great responsibilities in faithfully educating students in past events. Essentially, I see the need to reflect the closest possible representation of history, nothing being left out or added, to give the student an authentic view of another age and another world.

    History is often the unpleasant record of the way things actually were, not the way they should have been. Despite the fact I have no sympathy with the prejudices of the past, I feel it better, and furthermore my responsibility, not to change the unfortunate facts that were.

    -Mrs. Yaeger