• Soapbox 2022Click on the image to see the story on Channel 13!

    Northeast held their FIRST ANNUAL SOAPBOX SHOWCASE on December 21, 2022.

    We are so proud of our seniors who participated and their courageous topics:

    • Randel Clarke-Gun Restriction
    • Katorra Allred-Inflation
    • Neveah Baxley-Comprehensive Sex Education
    • Brielle Sykes-School to Prison Pipeline
    • CC Kirkland-Police Brutality
    • Raymond Rosado-Mental Health
    • Corey Rivers-School to Prison Pipeline
    • Jorge Jimenez Ortiz-Social Construction of a Gender Binary
    • Eleshka Vega Sepulveda-Teen Exhaustion & Pressure


  • Marking Period 1 Honor Roll Celebration
    For the full list of Honor Roll Students, Click HERE.