• Welcome to the School 50 library home page!  
     The library program at School #50 encompasses both author and genre studies as well as research and technology projects. In the primary grades, the emphasis is on literature appreciation, and making connections between books and student’s own lives. Students learn about fairy tales, folk tales, tall tales and many different authors. This enables them to speak about the author’s style of writing, the types of illustrations used, etc.

    The intermediate grades learn how to do research using almanacs, encyclopedias and online encyclopedias and websites. The librarian connects to whatever is being taught in class, such as researching Ancient Rome or learning to find the main idea in text. Technology projects may include powerpoint presentations, digital storytelling, and more.

    The library collection has almost 9,000 books and is growing yearly. After next year, a new collection of young adult books for the incoming 7th and 8th grades will be added.