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At Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School No. 9, we believe all children must experience learning opportunities to develop, nurture, and enhance their specific, unique talents. The following section provides an overview of our program.


"What educators and psychologists recognize as giftedness in children is really potential giftedness, which denotes promise rather than fulfillment and probabilities rather than certainties about future accomplishments. How high these probabilities are in any given case depends much on the match between a child's budding talents and the kinds of nurturance provided."                Dr. Harry Passow

Our goal is to provide enrichment learning opportunities to each student. Consequently, each child will have the intellectual capacity and stamina to meet the demands of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, as well as Gifted and Talented programs at the high school level.

As a result of our enrichment program, we will increase the proportion of historically underrepresented African American and Hispanic children in advanced placement courses, gifted and talented programs, and the International Baccalaureate program district wide.

The process for identifying students for school-based services and center program services involves parents, teachers, and administrators. All students will receive enrichment support to develop their talents.

Level of Services

Level 1 Classroom – Whole Group
Critical and creative thinking skills for Pre K – Grade Six

Level 2 Classroom – Small Group
Challenging learning experiences that support differentiation and flexible grouping for Pre K – Grade Six

Level 3 Pull-Out  
Integrated community-based units of studies (10 weeks) Grades Third - Six